What to do about computer porn

So many software products exist of so many varieties, that it is hard to locate one that does exactly what you want it to. Some can be classified as a computer porn cleaner, you can usually find a free trial version of the better ones. But this is not all that software can do, some can delete private data, locate and remove porno files, detect pirated software, and show the distribution of data on your HDD.

Hard drive cleaning utilities come in several varieties. Firstly there are tools falling into the file cleanup category like Microsoft's Disk Cleanup utility, that are used to clean up your harddisk of unused files and recover room on the disk. (Note this is not useful for cleaning up porn or other inappropriate material) But you can find other software products clean up internet tracks and get rid of the previously typed URLs from drop down lists found in your browser, such as evidence removal cleaners. Then there is the porn cleaner product, that can reveal the existence of porn or other suspicious items and allows deletion of the ones that should not be there. Still another class of drive cleaners is the 'disk washer' style product, which, by writing random garbage over existing data, completely erases it from anywhere on the disk so that it cannot be recovered.

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