Content Filters

Last modified 22-Jan-09

Content filter software like Net Nanny is able to prevent user access to inappropriate websites and material. A quick scan of the internet exposes a robust subset of cleanup software tools each of which approach the problem of cleaning up a hard drive in ways that are different for each product. One of the more common types is the content filter (a type of internet filter - an introduction to various internet filters can be found here), and there are many other examples that can be found using Google. There is usually much is more that that these software tools can do, as an example, several can clean up orphaned data, check the drive for porn and remove it, find unlicensed software installed on the computer, and find out how to recover disk space.

Think it over. You will soon agree with my opinions on why deleting excess or useless video and picture files, in particular unimportant ones saved while browsing, can improve your computer in several ways. The overall performance of your computer, particularly when accessing hard disk files varies in no small part based on the total file count stored there. Usually you will find that the file management core works harder the HDD works harder each and every time a file is loaded. Remember also that as time goes on, fragmented files result and this seriously degrades file retrieval speed. Data security is also a factor, when you have a large number of your personal data files, the greater the risk is that somebody accessing your computer will find them. Clearly the process of removing any excess or unwanted files can give us back space which can then be put to other uses.

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