How To Drive A Disk Cleanup Program

I have been asked on many occasions what the best drive cleaner software is. This is a difficult question to answer, particularly given the different situations people hope to apply a drive cleaner to. For example some people are seeking an application that will help remove unwanted temporary files, as well as rarely used files that are just taking up space on the hard disk. Another category of people expect a hard drive cleaner to perform detection of pornographic material, and allow the user to delete any inappropriate material interactively. These are two very dissimilar viewpoints, and each requires the application of the different software tool to accomplish their goals.

In the first instance, removing a hard drive is unused files and temporary files can be done with a number of different applications. It is not well-known that Windows itself includes an application called Disk Cleanup, which is specifically designed to help free up space on the hard drive that is taken up with useless or temporary files. But if that doesn't do the job sufficiently, there are quite a number of third-party tools, for example CCleaner, which has quite a number of additional cleanup features that are not included in the de facto Windows application. The best thing about this product is that it is free, and can be used for any purpose by anybody at no charge whatsoever. Having said that there are also a number of tools that you can buy that may add additional features on top of that offered by free tools.

In the second case, where somebody needs to clean their hard drive of any undesirable files including porn, special applications can be brought into play that do exactly this job. As an example take Snitch drive cleaner software, which is a robust and accurate tool that contains functionality such as image detection, video frame analysis, as well is the ability to dig into compressed files, to ferret out hidden files, to test for custom file types that may be specified by the user, and a number of other key detection capabilities. there are other tools with similar functionality, and a similar cost point.

The situation is somewhat unclear if your understanding of the phrase 'drive cleaner' differs from either of these points of view. Therefore I will leave it up to you as an exercise to go forth and use the power of search engines to find a drive cleaner product that meets your expectations. Happy hunting!

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