Free Parental Controls

Last modified 22-Jan-09

More and more frequently users accidentally find porno images or movies when online. Or unsuitable items might be received in emails, or other methods. Regardless of how the files appear, seeing such unpleasant imagery can negatively impact the user of the computer and just as important, it may store unwanted files that forensic tools could reveal. New software is able to scan auto-matically for offensive inappropriate contents lying dormant on the computer that was used. Snitch is one of the better free parental controls on the market, and of all the main products of its type, seems to have the most comprehensive set of features.

Depending on the product being discussed, these tools analyze files by auto-testing images, checking movies for porn content, looking for keywords within text scannable files, looking at online browser history and various others. Just the image and movie tests have modern technologies and make analyzing a computer much easier for even a beginner.

There is a downloadable demo - this is very fair because it allows you to test the software before paying for it.

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