Porn Scan - Rounding up the right tools

The tools required to perform a porn scan on your own home computer have advanced in leaps and bounds in even the last few years. These tools typically feature the ability to analyse visual content in files such as images and videos, to see if they contain adult material or nudity. And porn scanning technology has improved enormously over the last few years, with accuracy figures greater than 98% in some cases. So now it is possible to run a porn scan with low-cost software that will give you peace of mind about the type of content on your system; because I'm sure you, like any other parent, would like to protect your children from exposure to inappropriate material before they reach an age where they are able to deal with it appropriately.

To run a porn scan on your computer you simply need to download a suitable software product; you can find a couple of good porn scan tools here and here. All you need to do is install the software, choose a path to scan, for example the root of the C drive on your computer, then choose what files you would like to scan for, for example all images or videos, Internet history, and whatever other files you are interested in finding and deleting. Once you have selected the files you need to find, you can just press the 'scan' button, and then go away and have a coffee or a chat. When you come back you will be presented with a set of results. You can manually choose what to do with these results, for example you may wish to delete every item, or you might find that there are some family photos interspersed, which you want to keep. Why? Keep in mind that no matter how powerful the technology, it can never include human intuition, so there are chances that occasionally a file or two will slip through that are not actually porn.

Once you have filtered through the material you can complete the porn scan by deleting the items you have selected and you can relax in the knowledge that your computer is now clean. Until next time that is.

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