Remove Porn

Last modified 22-Jan-09

Even youngsters can come across obscene files while websurfing. Or users might intentionally load CDs with porn on them into the computer. If this ever comes about, discovering unwanted files can disturb the viewer and as well, this could leave files behind on the local computer. There are software tools that can check disk resources for suspicious naughty pictures waiting to be discovered on the PC. Advanced products like Snitch can remove porn with smart processing, and combined with other functionality for detection and analysis, can clean the system quickly.

The scanning applications have capabilities including inspecting multimedia files like images, testing video files for adult content, finding suspicious key words and phrases in files, checking for the presence of pirated MP3 audio files as well as a selection of other tests. The image and movie tests make use of technology that can sort nudity from other standard images.

A 30 day demo can be obtained from the website , which allows free scanning of the user's computer and evaluation of its unique features.

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