Scan Computer's Files For Inappropriate Material

Last modified Oct-09

It is much easier to scan a computer's hard drive for inappropriate material using software especially designed for the task. You can find various online applications that let you scan computers, most of which also contain a range of other related cleaning functions. However there are more things that these utilities are able to do, there are many that also do free space cleaning, perform automated porn removal, find unlicensed software installed on the computer, and show the distribution of data on your HDD.

There are several reasons why giving the axe to old unused hard disk files, from time to time, can provide several tangible benefits. Retrieval speed for documents and other files, specifically during file accesses is somewhat dependent on the total file count found in the file system. The reason for this behaviour is that the FAT tables grow in size and they have more data to search through, and this takes more time as files are requested by the user. Due to the mechanism whereby file data is stored on the disc surface, files can be broken up into smaller pieces and this cuts the speed that data can be retrieved. Additionally keeping private files private is more difficult, as the number of private files increases, there is the possibility (no matter how remote) that someone else using the computer might be able to get their hands on this data. And purging any private or undesirable files will make resources available again and this might stave off having to buy a bigger hard drive.

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