Cleaning out hard drive porn with Snitch

There are several reasons why cleaning out unwanted computer files will help improve your computer's performance. The overall performance of your computer, particularly when opening and saving files, depends partially on the number of files and documents etc. stored there. This is because with more stored files, the FAT (file allocation) tables grow and everything has to work harder when files are accessed. We must keep in mind that files are no longer contiguous and this impacts file read speed. Data security is also a factor, as the number of private files increases, the higher the chance is that someone else using the computer might discover them. Additionally, cleaning up files can give us back space and this might stave off having to buy a bigger hard drive.

For cleaning up pornographic material, products are available with special porn removal functions, such as Snitch and Media Detective. These products are specially designed to scan for adult images, video and other file types and to provide a simple interface for reviewing and deleting this material. Free dowloadable demos are available from the websites.

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